Guidelines for Delivery and Product Handling:

1. RTO/Fake Attempt: Any delivery issues arising from the courier company, such as fake delivery attempts or Return to Origin (RTO) due to various reasons, will not be our responsibility. We cannot be held liable for actions or mistakes made by the courier company in delivery attempts.

2. Product Change: We do not assume responsibility for any damage to or alteration of the product that occurs during transit. Any changes or damages to the product during transportation are beyond our control and are not our responsibility.

3. Undelivered Orders: If a customer reports that their order has not been received despite the status being marked as delivered, it is imperative to raise the issue within 24 hours. While we are not directly responsible for such incidents, we will initiate a complaint with the courier company on your behalf and provide you with their response.

4. RTO/Return Product Delivered at Warehouse: In the event of an RTO or return product where the order status indicates delivery but it is not acknowledged by us within 24 hours, it becomes your responsibility to raise the issue within next 24 hours. Please ensure timely communication to address any discrepancies in delivery status. We will not responsible if issue not solved.