Make To Ship is an innovative dropshipping platform committed to empowering its members by showcasing and selling their designs, products, and creative works in the form of merchandise. To ensure a seamless business experience, users are required to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

1. Membership: Users must provide essential personal information to become a member. Membership can be canceled online at any time, please note that data will not be deleted even if membership is canceled.

2. Account Security: Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts. Unauthorized use of the account should be reported immediately to Make To Ship.

3. Content Ownership: By posting, submitting, or uploading content, users represent, reproduce, and sell it as Make To Ship products. Users own the copyright of their content. Importantly, Make To Ship will not sell your design to anyone, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your creative works.

4. Intellectual Property: Users and their content must not violate intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity.

5. Payment and Charges: Credit/debit card details may be saved for future shipping charges. Users are responsible for all charges, taxes, and fees associated with Make To Ship services.

6. Order Confirmation and Payment: Orders can be confirmed automatically or manually as per the setting on the dashboard. Payment, including delivery charges, must be made before product dispatch.

7. Tax Compliance: Users conducting business in India must provide TIN/VAT/GST certificate numbers. It is mandatory to include applicable tax rates in the retail price provided to Make To Ship

8. Order Editing and Cancellation: Orders cannot be edited or canceled after confirmation. Replacement or return requests are considered within 15 days of product delivery, only for Make to Ship’s fault.

9. Delivery and Charges: Users are responsible for product prices and delivery charges, which vary based on the product and location.

10. Late Payment Interest: A 20% interest will be levied on payments delayed beyond 2 days of invoicing.

11. Trademark Usage: Users must grant explicit permission to Make To Ship for the use of any trademarks. If any trademark dispute arises from a third party, users are responsible for handling the matter under their discretion. Make To Ship explicitly disclaims any responsibility for disputes related to the usage of trademarks by users.

By signing up or placing orders through any mode, users automatically agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Shipping Policies.