Guidelines for Design Files:

1. Image Quality: Ensure that all design files are of high quality, with a resolution of at least 300 DPI and in CMYK mode. If using a PNG file, it should be initially saved in CMYK mode before converting it into PNG without a background. This practice helps minimize potential issues during production.

2. RGB to CMYK Conversion: When printing digital files in CMYK mode, be aware that colors may undergo changes, particularly noticeable in shades of blue. It is recommended to conduct thorough color sampling to prevent unexpected alterations when transitioning from RGB to CMYK mode. This step is crucial for maintaining design integrity in print.

3. Design Placement: Understand that there may be variations in design placement compared to mockups or website representations. Practical constraints or limitations in on-demand manufacturing processes may hinder achieving precise placement every time. Flexibility and understanding in this regard are appreciated.

4. Small Defects: In on-demand manufacturing, minor print or stitch defects may occasionally occur due to the inherent challenges in achieving 100% accuracy consistently. While efforts are made to deliver flawless products, occasional imperfections may arise and should be acknowledged as part of the manufacturing process.

For all above issues we will not provide any replacement or refund.