Integration Order steps:

  1. Complete Profile
  2. Fill integration data
  3. Map Product
  4. Confirm Order

Manual Order steps:

  1. Complete Profile
  2. Create Manual Product
  3. Map Product
  4. Create Order
  5. Confirm Order

Complete Profile

  1. Click on Setting menu and click on profile setup
  2. Click on edit button and fill all data with proper details.
  3. Click next button as shown in image.
  4. Fill other section data and also click verify GST. Without verification GST invoice will not generate for your  GST number.
  5. Please click next and verify bank details.
  6. Also check all setting section menu also.

Integration (optional)

  1. Click on integration menu
  2. Click on integration of Shopify or woocommerce.
  3. For step to integrate you can click on “Step to Integrate”
  4. Fill data and click on save changes button.


  1. Click on manage product in Product section.
  2. Go to Unmapped section (if integration done and product fetch from your website)
  3. You can create manual product also by clicking create product button.
  4. Click Map button to map integration or manual product.
  5. Select category, subcategory, product with color & size.
  6. Click proceed button , click map here only if design print required. (In case of proceed not showing then click map here button)
Product preview/ 3d view
  • Once mapping done it will move to another screen .
  • You check details after clicking link shown in below image.
  • Also you can verify if product mapped properly by checking it in mapped section.



Manual Order

  1. To create manual order click on Create Order menu.
  2. Choose type ( Mapped for new order manufacturing  & Warehouse for RTO or warehouse product )
  3. Search SKU/name of product and select it 
  4. Click on add product button.
  5. Do it one by one for all product you want to add in order.
  6. Create order.
  7. Go to unconfirm section and click on confirm button.
  8. Make sure your wallet should have amount of order value before clicking confirm button.

To confirm Manual/Integration orders

  • Order will move to confirm section once its amount deducted.
  • Incase of any issue, please contact us.